Home Audio

WiFi has made the days of whole home wired audio systems a thing of the past. Well there is a time and place for the power a wired audio system can bring, today homeowners are more concerned with ease of use and sound quality. We got into this business setting up intrinsic audio set up in homes. Ceiling mount speakers and large entertainment centers to house piles of equipment are no longer needed. Most smart homes today are utilizing WiFi speaker set ups from brands like Sonos, Bose, even Google and Amazon. These speakers generally answer to your voice or phone/tablet device. The quality is great and the ease of use cannot be beat. There is still a time and place for the Pioneer, JBL, Klipsch speaker set ups such as home theaters, but convenience of the WiFi speakers makes them the go to for general home audio. Talk to one of our pros today so we can get you set up with the right audio system for your needs. 

Home Audio Minneapolis